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OSCOM v2.3 Pre-Release Notes

[Updated on 8th November 2010]

We stated earlier that the next osCommerce Online Merchant releases would be v2.2 and v3.0 and that we wouldn’t be publishing any more alpha, beta, or release candidate labelled versions. The next v2.2 release was declared as “v2.2final” to finalize the versioning cycle it went through, from “Milestone 1” to “Release Candidate 2a”.

To better distinguish the final v2.2 release from its earlier versions, the version number will jump to and be released as v2.3.

The upgrade guide to v2.3 (from “v2.2 Release Candidate 2a”) will be split into the following sections:

  • Bugfixes
  • PHP 5.3 Compatibility Changes
  • New Features

This makes it easier for store owners and developers to apply the bugfixes to their existing installations, and to choose which new core features they’d like to apply.

Some of the new features include:

  • Tokenize forms to customer sessions
  • Automatic Administration Tool logins through Basic HTTP Authentication (htpasswd)
  • New currencies can be added through a pre-populated list of common currencies
  • Modular Action Recorder implementation to limit and log certain functions, including:
    • Administration Tool login attempts
    • Tell A Friend e-mails
    • Contact Us e-mails
  • Security Directory Permissions for the Administration Tool shows which directories are writable
  • Version Checker for the Administration Tool to check for new versions
  • Store Logo for the Administration Tool to easily upload a new store logo
  • Modular Social Bookmarks implementation to share products on social sites, including:
    • Digg
    • Facebook and Facebook Like
    • Google Buzz
    • Twitter and Twitter Button
  • Export Server Information for the Administration Tool to help with bug reports
  • Allow guest orders through PayPal Express Checkout
  • Modular Header Tags implementation, including:
    • Google Analytics and E-Commerce Tracking
    • MailChimp E-Commerce 360
    • OpenSearch
    • Categories (SEO)
    • Manufacturers (SEO)
    • Products (SEO)
  • HTML layout separated and moved to new template_top.php and template_bottom.php files, including:
    • jQuery UI design
    • 960 Grid System CSS Framework
  • Password hashing algorithm changed to Portable PHP hashing for customer and administrator passwords
  • Security Check modules for add-ons to check on server requirements
  • Administration Tool Dashboard widgets, including new charts
  • Modular Boxes to inject content anywhere in the HTML layout
  • Multiple Product Images with large images and HTML content for Flash videos

    The online demonstration site has been updated to showcase the new features of osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3 at:

    osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3 will be released on the 12th November 2010.

    Interested in the latest developments of osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0? Find out at:

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