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Improvements Made to our Blog

Our blog has found a new home at Tumblr and now functions as an aggregator, linking to and publishing interesting articles from the osCommerce team and our partners.

New publications are automatically syndicated to our Twitter account and Facebook Page.

Our blog can be reached at:

Aggregating publications allows us to separate our personal publications from the main blog to keep the content interesting to the osCommerce community. Those interested in our personal publications can continue to follow us on our own personal sites and blogs.

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Community Support Forums Under Maintenance [UPDATE]

The community support forums is currently unavailable due to the server experiencing hardware related problems, and will be back online tomorrow.

The maintenance of the server hosting the community support forums also affects the add-ons site where developers will have to wait until the server is back online to be able to upload their add-ons again.

This blogging entry will be updated with further information during the maintenance period.


The maintenance of the server has completed successfully and is back online in full operation.

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New Community Add-Ons Site

The new community add-ons site is now live which aims to replace the current contributions section on the support site by providing additional features to help developers maintain their add-on packages.

The new site will be rolled out in 3 stages with the first stage contemplating the existing contributions section. In addition, community members and developers can help clean the structure of add-on packages by reporting uploads to be removed.

The following changes are planned for the second and third stages of updating the new site:

2nd Stage Updates:

  • register_globals compatibility flag for 2.2-RC1 and 2.2-Final installations
  • Maintainers can assign their add-ons as public or private to allow or disallow additional uploads from other community members
  • If an add-on is private, maintainers can assign other community members as maintainers who are allowed to upload files to the package

3rd Stage Updates:

  • Allow maintainers to edit descriptions
  • Allow maintainers to link their uploads to a forum topic (for support)
  • Allow maintainers to upload screenshots of the add-on in action
  • Allow maintainers to link to other add-ons as a “related” feature
  • Allow community members to adopt an inactive add-on

The new community add-ons site can be reached at:

We look forward to rolling out the additional features in the coming weeks and look forward to the additional suggestions the community has for improving the experience of finding, downloading, and contributing additional add-on packages.

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New Forum Server

I’m glad to report that the forum has successfully migrated to a new server. The move started last week on Friday which left the forum in a read-only state that led into the weekend. This was required to keep the database consistent while the DNS changes were taking place, and to make sure the new server could handle the load properly incase it had to go back to the old server.

The read-only state was removed on Saturday where logins, new registrations, and postings were being accepted again, and has so far been running fine.

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Referencing Tickets With Commit Logs

The Commit Policy for developers has been updated to describe the process of referencing tickets on Jira when the changes involved solve that ticket.

When viewing a ticket on Jira, the referenced commit changes will be automatically shown under the “Fisheye” tab where the comments are shown.

The Repository Browser (Fisheye) also automatically links to the tickets when referenced in the commit log.

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